W O O D B R O O K   E N V I R O N S

Furniture Market

High Point Theatre

High Point University
Aquatic Center
Brown Truck Brewery

Designers, buyers, furniture execs:

Book the premier High Point Airbnb

now and prepare to be pampered

during the Market.

Go Panthers. Parents, profs and alumni,

if higher ed brings you to High Point for a short stay, book Woodbrook. It's straight

A's by every measure.

Ah, the sporting life!

Woodbrook is the equivalent of a few

laps from the life aquatic. Spectators

and athletes, book now!


Be sure to check out the event 

calendar at High Point Theatre at

IHFC. It's our very own Lincoln

Center (sans traffic).

Discover High Point's emerging food scene, from traditional slow-cooked barbecue fare  to New South fusion cuisine. 

Cheers! The tap room is open. 

Don't you love it that our favorite craft beer establishments is only a 10 minute

WALK from Woodbrook.